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No one can really say that "I know that person", unless a great amount of time was spent getting to know him/her. Heck! Even I don't know myself at times; everyday I discover something new about me. Like, what I like or dislike, especially when I experienced something new. I've also noticed that every year as I get older, the way I think and act differs from when I was 18. (since that time I was thinking that I'm already 18 and should be considered as an adult) But I've learned and still learning life itself... to live... to love.... to share ....to create my own life story as I go along. \(*◇*)/ ♡♡♡
Hahahaha SO TRUE. I firmly believe that learning about people is a continuous process.
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Definitely! I believe that we just keep on evolving. @nicolejb
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Nope, you have to turn to page 394!
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