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Hello internet! Ladies, or gentlemen that want to know how "this" ("this" meaning me) would spend her day, let's talk how to spend your marvelous Valentine's Day...alone
In my previous Valentine's Day Cupid Countdown post I talked about the fact that I could honestly care less about Valentine's Day. It is clear that I do not believe in such a "holiday" that is designed around the idea of buying things for each other and spending a lovey-dovey day. Question is: How do you spend Galentine’s Day?
No, don’t cry because you don’t have a man or gal…cry because there is not enough chocolate in the world to fill your void lol.
How many friends do you have? Like, real friends. Not the type that you have no idea what their favorite color is, or what food is their favorite, or what their hobbies are. To be honest, I only have one that I can truly call my soul sister. So what would I do for Galentine’s Day?
Girls love doing their nails, there’s that option right? NO, don’t do that; that’s too girly! I doubt that the cold winds are going to let anyone be able to do too many outdoor activities, so let’s keep it simple.
What’s fun to do for everyone and indoors? PLAY CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY! What better than this game to bring out your inner demons? Girls, it’s ok to play games that allow access to your incredibly bad side. This game is great between friends, and could last for a pretty long time without getting bored.
I love baking, so baking is definitely a must for Valentine’s Day anyway. Bake together with your friends and eat it while watching a movie. By the way, when I say I bake I mean: I bake about three different types of desserts that are enough to feed 30 people each, don't judge me!
In the case that your Galentine’s Day is a Alonetime’s Day bake, and eat that cake yerself!

What will you do for Galentine's Day?

How about sleeping for the whole day? lol
I'm baking a cake, writing hakyeon on in in icing and then eating it while watching vixx tv moments omg hahaha
HAHAHAHAHA omg I love that you would make ALL THE BAKED GOODS. Also, Cards Against Humanity would be so fun to play with your lady friends. I approve 👍🏽 I'm going to tag some other gals that would love this @fikaocs @TessStevens @MaggieHolm @danidee
That's me eating everything in sight WITH NO REGRETS! hahahahaha
@fikaocs hahaha I would LOVE that too
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