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so the Big Bang community is doing another Marathon and it's a give way at that. So here's the original card ---> @luna1171 is my partner. Her favorite ship is GTOP ---> Mine is ToDae Forever from the very beginning. Daesung use use to help TOP learn the Dances before debuting. But they are my favorite bromance of all time.
so cute the way he flirts and tries to undress Dae.
the feels are strong
just look at this adorableness
you can't deny the love
seriously you can not help but feel their love and playfulness
top even ships hisself with dae
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@JamiMilsap yes I loved it too
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop right I was happy seeing that
2 years ago·Reply
Those bears! ♥ Oh and TOP grabbing that Dae ass. ^u^ ♥
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2 years ago·Reply
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