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So I have been mainly posting Ikon related thing recently after realizing not very any people do. Also Ikon has completely taken over my heart as well as June taking Ultimate Bias away from Dongwoo after three years.
He drives me insane, but it's impossible to resist his charms. I tried so hard but ended in failure which annoys me. No other group has annoyed me this much and none as much as June.
He is 4 years younger than me T_T . Just another reason why he drives me insane. I really can't handle him especially when he smiles ugh!
He is just adorkable, sassy, and so hard working. Ugh! He need to quit and go on now so I can regain my sanity.
But who am I kidding my life would be so dull without kpop and even though ikon and June drive me insane I love them and am. very proud Ikonic <3 ^_^
@Sammie99522 I gave up having a bias list >.< everyone/thing is are trying to wreck my 😣
@Jiyongixoxo exactly his voice is a killer. That is what made me really get into ikon.
Yeah June is dangerous once I really heard this boy sing it was all over from that point