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YES. Finally, baseball season is coming!

All the pitchers and catchers are reporting to Spring Training in less than ten days! And although I'm pretty bummed we won't have football for a few months, I'm so happy that baseball season will start very soon!

Are my baseball fans ready for another great season?

so I live in sw FL and two teams have spring training here like by where I work. one stadium is right next to wear I work the other only 15 minutes away. I am not looking forward to the traffic on these spring training day games....but with that said I am ready for some baseball...the teams that practice down here are the red soxs and the Minnesota twins
@VernoicaArtino That is so exciting! You should def take your son. He would have such a great time!
@VeronicaArtino That is amazing!!!!!! I would love to attend a spring training camp one day.....I'm actually jealous despite the traffic you might have to go through!
@mchlyang I actually get tickets offered at work but I'm usually don't go because I have a high sense if responsibility but this year I might take a day off and take my son. he is showing interest in baseball
@ChristopherKenn Bye-bye baby!!!!!!
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