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It's Wednesday. Again. G-Dragon seems excited.
1. The saddest BigBang song. I actually had the most trouble with this one. Most of their songs are not that happy. Add the video, and it's even worse. A co-worker asked me "Why can't they ever get the girl?"
In any case, I decided to go with G-Dragon's That XX. Reading the words made me feel real sorry for him - he can't understand why the girl he loves is sticking with such an A-Hole.
Honorable mentions include Daesung's I Love You and Taeyang's Wedding Dress.
2. Daesung fan art.
Gosh these were real cute. The first one is crazy amazing. In the second I like that their birthday's are their inmate numbers and of course, the third is when he went to HI with Seungri. The fourth is them as anime characters - wouldn't it be awesome if they had a show?
3. Pic/video/gif of my favorite ship.
They're my favorite because they are like, the daddy and mommy. In the first pic, they're basically dressed for the occasion.
4. Pic/video of G-Dragon with his cat.
He actually looks pretty creepy in both pics.
5. Video of either a BigBang member imitating another idol or another idol imitating BigBang.
The first is Se7en imitating Seungri and T.O.P and the second is Jaeseok imitating BigBang. I know Jaeseok isn't technically an idol, but he's an icon.
6. Pic/gif of T.O.P wearing contacts.
Why the weird cat eye? Yea, me either.
7. Pic/video/gif of BigBang member wearing something on their head.
NO FEZ. *insert sad face here*
I probably could have made an entire card by itself with the weird crap they put on their heads.
8. Pic/video/gif of Taeyang cooking.
Taeyang cooking for real or Taeyang doing a cooking dance?? I also added the Infinite Challenge bit with HwangTaeJi and an old gif.
9. Pic/video of BigBang dorm.
This is crazy old and it's Seungri recording them in their dorm when they went to Japan.
10. Doctor Who reference in a BigBang video.
So is it The Impossible Astronaut... or is it T.O.P from Bang Bang Bang??????
11. Vid/gif of Seungri saying more than he should about his fellow members.
So the first video is Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook. The BigBang segment starts at around the 25 min mark. I suggest you watch the whole thing though if you haven't seen it. The second is the Seungri/GD cut from an episode of Strong Heart.
12. Pic/video/gif of BigBang with Monsta X at the 2015 MAMA.
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Great job finding everything! I really enjoyed the videos from #11.
GD is so excited!!!!and cute....