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Ok, so for a while now I've been writing lyrics that I hope one day would be put together with music. The problem is that I can't compose, I know how my lyrics are supposed to go with a beat but I don't have the ear to find out what the notes are. It would be really nice if someone could help me find a composer that is willing to write notes for some of my lyrics. I would love to give you guess a sneak peak of my Lyrics. So let's do a vote on if I should give you guess a sneak peak at some of my work. And one day I hope I could make a video teaser for you guess form my lyrics and who ever wants to work with me.
If you'd like to contact me personally so we can work together, contact me on Kakao talk
@KathyCrew where to see your lyrics?
@AliyahHowell yes, I need all the help I can. Thank you
I'd like to help! If ur still looking! @KathyCrew
I have that problem too. I even went and bought composing software, but never used it.
@Glasness yes thank you soooo much
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