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Akio Fudo is the Trinity Seven of the Gula (Gluttony) Archive and serves as the third seat of Grimiore Security. She is my Fourth Lover in my Harem!
Akio is a friendly, cheerful young woman, almost always enjoying every moment in any dangerous or calm situation. She's easygoing, confident, easy to get along with, and always optimistic even in the most dangerous circumstances. Rarely becoming overly serious with a few Exceptions, Akio, for the most part, will act light heartedly and very accepting to others, being cordial to even her enemies. Even while visiting her former destroyed hometown, she remained composed. Despite being a member of Grimiore Security, Akio treated me amicably even though I was a former Magic King Candidate. Akio enjoys being with her friends, teasing and bantering with then regardless of the topic or their positions. She's loyal, caring, and willing to fight to protect her friends and I. Akio is the oldest girl in the Trinity Seven at age 18. Akio tends the to be the older sister figure to her friends, watching over and supporting them. She would greatly influence Mira to accept her powers, and also teach me her magic in my battle against Lieselotte. Akio is also surprisingly pure, becoming embarrassed when my stripping magic goes haywire despite not being shy herself.
Furthermore, Akio enjoys battles, becoming excited at the prospect of fighting strong opponents such as Levi. As a result, Akio is sometimes called a battle maniac by her friends and I, which she happily accepts due to the nature of her research. One of the few situations where she will get serious, being confident in her power and very level headed in battle. She is very cooperative with everybody in the Trinity Seven.
Akio is a tall, long legged, slender young woman who is almost always smiling due to her cheerful and friendly nature. She has a modest bust and long dark hair that covers her back. She wears a red ribbon that is tied to several strands of her hair, She wears a long sleeve button up shirt that exposes her stomach and cleavage, a long black skirt with double slits revealing her legs and what great legs they are!! If she uses her magic too much she also reverts back into her Spriggan form (Yes a cute little spriggan) dressed in a nuns outfit.
Akio's Thema is Fides (Faith) and her branch of magic is Mantra Enchant from the Gula Archive, which stores her magic on a part of her body in the form of characters, greatly increasing her physical abilities. In order for her to use Mantra Enchant, She must first charge her magic with significance, the most important factor of her Magic. In other words her feelings determine the outcome of her power. As a battle magus, Akio maintains her magic consumption at zero, releasing it all at once while attacking and defending same as Levi. Even without her magic she is physically adept and well-trained in Taijutsu. Akio's natural strength and flexibility allows her to use different kicking techniques from all sorts of positions. Her Incredible agility allows her to avoid most of her opponents attacks. She's also fast enough to dodge gunfire by her sheer speed and martial arts. She has a strong mentality, always remaining calm cool and collected in even the most dire situation. She rarely ever panics or becomes reckless. She is an Absolutely Tank of a woman.
Oh Yeah I almost forgot she can also cook too!!!!! Her Archive is Gula (Gluttony) After all.
So That's Akio Fudo. She's definitely got it goin on. I don't mind being a glutton for punishment when it's her dishing it out. She's amazing! @CraigNess @hikaymm @InVinsbyll @AimeBolanos #Waifu #FudoAkio #JoinTheMADNESS
It's ongoing and it's awesome
I just remembered. I need to read the Manga.
I hate that they come out so rarely though most the good ones do