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As I was preparing myself to school I could hear the news, bombings were everywhere, a lot of people were dying, and all Umma could say was “when this world going to be peaceful.” I took the Remote to turn off the TV, because I can’t take it anymore. Everyday morning afternoon, even on evenings all I can hear was the loud news, and people talking about what’s happening. On my way to school I meet Joo-Hyuk, he lives next door. Pretty annoying boy, whenever I go somewhere he follows, even when I’m with my friends he’s always stalking. I don’t know but it’s kinda weird, because he like follows me everywhere. We all know SCHOOL DAYS SUCKS, nothing much happened there. As usual Joo-hyuk staring, annoying the hell out me, stalking me, “Ughh I wish I could punish him, why he always stalk me” I thought. Yeah I was that kind of girl quite, doesn’t like to be bothered, done with everything, people call me mean, cuz I don’t talk to anyone, but that’s me. It’s not that I hate people, I just idk I like to be alone I guess. Anyways, after school I went to Umma’s Chocolate store, I basically deliver orders. Ohhhhh I forgot to tell u guys my name is Sun Mi-Bya, I’m 17. Umma gave birth of my lil one Tae Oh three months ago. Appa passed away, idk what happened to him, all I heard that he was kidnapped, but I’m going to find who did this to him. It’s not like if me and appa didn’t have a good relationship I’ll not payback. He never loved me, because he wanted his first child to be a boy, but I will find who did this to him. While Umma and I were making brownies. We started to hear people shouting outside and running. I went outside to check what’s happening, then suddenly eight men pushed me aside and they ran to our store. They were armed, I ran as fast as I could to save Umma and Tae Oh. The time I got there I saw them running away, all of them were wearing masks, except for one but I couldn’t recognize the face. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Tae Oh crying, I ran to the store to see Umma lying on the floor with blood all over her. I froze, every inch in my body was completely frozen, stopped. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak or do anything, then idk what happened everything went black.
Omg that's the first time I write a fanfic. Gash that's gonna be hard, but I want to share with u guys my imagination. Hope u guys like the preview. if u want me to continue please tell me in the comments, and if u don't.......ahh that idk. Anyways guys I wanna know what do you think. so maybe I'll start my new journey. ❤❤ . . . . . . . @BBxGD@destiny1419 @nnatalieg @4dalientae @AimeeH @VeronicaArtino @StephanieDuong @Zyxzj @PrettieeEmm @SerenityThao @Sailynn @Ercurrent @katiems @AlexisRiver @AaliyahNewbell @krin @ninjamidori @CreeTheOtaku @ToppDogg @Starbell808 @Dabaesaplayer @VKookie47 @JinsPrincess86 @Emilykitetenjo @moonchild03 @CristinReynolds @Tania538 @BelencitaGarcia @KristinaCaron @VIPFreak2NE1 @BessanMerab @Journ505 @dlphn100grl @JaxomB @shadowCYRMBBCL @amberg171997 @luna1171 @LinnyOk @BekiKunstman @raenel @gingersnap181 @katyng52 @Sailynn
@SerenityThao I stay up late and read the angst one then I'm crying all night 😩
gosh this is really interesting make a next one its really good and @PrettieeEmm me too they are awesome
Thanks you sooo much with the tag!! If you need anything, inbox me! Other than that, Umma! Please be okay!! 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
@VatcheeAfandi99 Thank uuuuu
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