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I'm not here often but when I am I'm amazing!! 馃槂馃槂 NOW CHOOSE WISELY
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this is some real out of left field sh#t, but I really like the magic of archive of the blue pegasus guild in fairy tail
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geass huehue I'll make all of u my slaves c;
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devil fruit can't hit what can be overpowering on land
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one simply cant choose one favorite
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Naruto's Rikuudo Sennin Bijuu form without a doubt. Naruto can overcome the Geass with Kurama, he can annihilate devil fruit bitches, he can avoid all attacks from bleach, and, aside from Kaguya using her All Killing Ash Bones, he's the strongest character in anime if you think about it, taking into account all of his feats using real knowledge from the Data Books that the naruto creator makes.
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