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Round 1 has ended and it was a tough battle! SHINee and Monsta X's nominees were tied almost to the very end!

Now onto...

Round 2 (Feb 11 - Feb 15)

The bias that won for each group will move on to the next round to take on another group's bias!
Pick your favorite bias between the two groups (For example, VIXX's winning member vs Infinite's winning member)

You can vote in both male/female, but please only pick one member for each^^

Vote for the Gentlemen!

1. BTS' V vs GOT7's Jackson
2. EXO's Chanyeol vs Big Bang's GD
3. SHINee's Minho vs Seventeen's Woozi
4. VIXX's Leo vs Monsta X's Minhyuk

Vote for the Ladies!

1. SNSD's Taeyeon vs 2NE1's CL
2. Sistar's Hyorin vs f(x)'s Amber
3. Red Velvet's Wendy vs EXID's Hani
4. Mamamoo's Hwasa vs 4Minute's Hyuna

Who will be sent to the Final battle?!

Leave your votes in the comments below!

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V, Chanyeol, Minho, minhyuk, Cl, Amber, Wendy, Hyuna
2 years ago·Reply
V Chanyeol Minho leo
2 years ago·Reply
V Chanyeol Woozi Minhyuk CL Amber Wendy Hyuna
2 years ago·Reply
taeyeon amber Hani Hyuna
2 years ago·Reply
GENTLEMEN 1. Jackson (sorry V) 2. GD (aah but Chanyeol) 3.Woozi 4. Minhyuk LADIES 1. CL 2. Amber 3. Hani 4. Hyuna
2 years ago·Reply