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Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) is a fastidious young man who is afraid of germs and needs to have everything in his life in his own orderly fashion. After he gives up a successful opportunity in New York, he returns to Taiwan and decides to buy a small marketing design company called GAZE and the house that he grew up in. The problem is that the home has a peppy tenant, Chen Liang Liang (Puff Kuo), who refuses to move out. When he arrives at his new company, the new CEO discovers that Liang Liang also works for his company. The happy-go-lucky Liang Liang just wants everything to be stable in her life, but she realizes that may be harder to maintain when her new boss starts making big changes in her workplace, including a notice stating that office romances will be prohibited.



Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) I fell for his character so hard especially when he smile's. His smile is like an arrow to my heart, he had me swooning throughout the whole show. He's so handsome and smart. His personality might not be the best in the beginning because he is a neat freak and a jerk but slowly warms up to Liang Liang and becomes such a sweet and loving person. My favorite line from him is when he tells his ex-girlfriend when she asks him, "Is it me or Liang Liang?" and he responds after Liang Liang kisses him with, "It was always Liang Liang!" That line made me so happy. He becomes so different but for the better and he has the most character development from anyone else from this show. Oh and he is a great kisser!

Crazy Ex-girlfriend:

Qi Yi's ex-girlfriend named Ding Jia Yu (Lyla Lin) is so obsessed with Qi Yi and won't accept the fact that he doesn't love her anymore but has fallen for someone else. She tries to get rid of Liang Liang because "she's in the way" but Jia Yu just can't let go of him. She pretends to be scared of a good guy and makes the good who loves her play the bad guy so, Qi Yi will pity her. Her character makes me sick and annoyed. I'm glad she does turn for the better in the end.


The 2nd male lead is known as Dean and he is a flirtatious and caring person who falls for Liang Liang but helps his friend Qi Yi because he cares more about his happiness and Liang Liang's happiness than his. He so sweet and isn't fighting so hard for her but let's her be happy and helps try to convince Jia Yu of giving up on Qi Yi so he can be happy with Liang Liang. He's really good looking and makes all the guys jealous because he flirts with the guys crushes and it's funny.


Qi Yi and Cheng Liang Liang are seriously the cutest thing in the world. I couldn't get enough of them. I think they may be my favorite Asian drama couple out there because I couldn't stop smiling when they were together. The chemistry was so great, the kiss scenes were perfect and the cute things that happened between them were so adorable. I want a relationship like them. I kept smiling and couldn't wait to watch the next episode to see what would happen next with these two. SO CUTE!!!


So, this show had a lot of scenes that hit me hard in the feels but the saddest scene that made me cry so much was when Jia Yu told Liang Liang that she is Qi Yi's ex-girlfriend. That broke my heart and when Liang Liang cried that made me feel so heartbroken and I couldn't stop crying. Then Qi Yi finds out that Liang Liang knows that she knows and he understands why she is crying and is avoiding him and it made me more upset. I cried throughout that whole episode.


"Beloved" by Genie Zhou & Alien Huang I don't know why but this song makes me want to sway and it makes me so happy. It's fun to listen to and sing to. I also like the song "Unstoppable" by Aaron Yan because of his soft voice and this song played in the sad scenes when they went through tough patches.
Lots of cute couples end up together in the end to make it a happy ending!



I loved the kiss near the end of the show, it wasn't the last kiss but I don't remember what episode it was. It was either 19 or 20. I couldn't find a video of just that kiss but I found one of all the kisses, go to 4:13 to see my favorite kiss. I love how everyone is there at GAZE outside the building, Jia Yu asks Qi Yi, "Is it me or her?" and Liang Liang yells Qi Yi and kisses him infront of everyone including Dean and Jia Yu. It's such a passionate and cute kiss and I love that His Yu looks defeated and Liang Liang is confident and ready to fight for Qi Yi and Liang Liang says to Jia Yu. "I'll answer your question for Qi Yi, he chooses me!" It's so perfect!


After watching "Just You" and having not watched that many T-Dramas yet. I've only watched "Murphy's Law of Love", It Started with A kiss", "Zhong Wu Yan", I started "Moon River"(got more than half way through and will eventually finish it but I don't think it will be better than this show), and I'm currently watching "When I See You Again" and "Bromance" (which I love). This is by far my favorite for multiple reasons. Because of the chemistry between the main leads, the romance, comedy, plot, side characters and character development. I have to mention that Puff Kou made this show amazing and I don't about what others think because some people think she's annoying but I didn't think so at all. She was just playing the role given to her perfectly. She is gorgeous and when she cried, it felt like she was sincere and did so well. She made me cry everytime she cried. I love all the characters but not Jia Yu that much only in the end. The comedy was great and the romance was really strong.


10/10 - I absolutely loved this show and recommend it to all Romance lovers because this one really makes you smile, it's super cute. You won't regret watching it!

Have you watched "Just You" and did you like it? Recommend some Taiwanese dramas to me, preferably romance. Please!

@VeronicaArtino I really liked Love Now and Go Single Lady, fun to watch! I'm not sure if I've seen the other two, I would have to look (I have memory issues due to drama overload - heehee). I really like T Drama and watch that almost as much as K Drama (lol). @jiggzy19 I really liked Murphy's Law of Love too!
Murphy's Law of Love is the only Taiwanese drama I've seen so far but I'm gonna add this one to my drama list for sure! Thanks @biancadanica98 for the review! <3
Whats up with all these asian drama boys being afraid of germs lol (side-eyes Jang Geun Suk in you're Beautiful)
this is one of my favs t dramas but also watch these four other tdramas; Love around, Love Now, Go Single lady and Love Myself or You. I swear you will not be disappointed @JamiMilsap @biancadanica98 @RosaArgueta
I really liked this drama, and Aaron Yan is such a cutie!! ♥
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