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I want to thank my mom for taking me to EXO's concert, it was literally the best thing that ever happened in my life THANKS MOM! I LOVE YOU!馃挅
( I know I know the quality of the pictures isn't the best, but who cares! :D ) and for the ones that weren't able for any reasons well here's a little somethings for you guys, love you! 馃挏
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You're welcome, I will unfortunately be living through all fans who do go because I can't make it after paying so much for a different k-pop concert aha. So I thank all of you wonderful EXO-L's who took photos and videos and are sharing them!
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Anything, well I hope you get to go at least one of their concerts and enjoy b
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I'm hoping to! I hope they come back eventually then maybe I can go!:) But in the meantime I'll enjoy everyone's posts and be happy for you all!:)
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I was there!
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