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When you have a special cool interest, you want to share it with everyone you know well... Because you love it. For example, Kpop or Korean Music for instances which we all have. As soon as you shared it with the people you know, their reaction isn't what you expect. Face it some of them hate it and roasted you about it.

I bet there are some of you that feel alone, sad, and alone because you have one or no friends who are not into Kpop. They might judge you and make fun of your music choice, even your lovely bias (I know it hurts my comrade). Everyday you hear comments like these:

"Haha! They are all gay!"

"I swear you want to be Asian."

"I don't get it... They all look the same."

"She look so fake." (Points at your bias)

"Shut the fuck up! Oh my god! Nobody cares about your Asian music!"

"Can you please listen to American for once?" *in a nasty tone*

Oh the most annoying thing you ever heard was, "Listen to music in your own language!"

Yeah... I know how that feels and probably you face went from this

To this

Sure there are always people in your life that might not understand or hate what you love and it's just so tiring that there isn't anyone you can go who understands your music and interest. However, there is one thing you can go to make you feel better. Do you want to know what it is? *leans in closer* It's t he fandom! You meet and become friends with thousands of people over the globe that are amazing yet crazy ;)(in a unique and cool way) who love kpop where you can relate to and share your interest. They are sympathy and empathy to your situation and they can give you the best advice and internet hug.

Wipe the tears and frustrations off your face and look at these gifs that will make you feel better.

Remember this

The only person who has ever asked me why I like kpop or said they're all gay, was literally that one friend I have who looks like Mark Tuan, and then right after he admitted he practicality insulted himself since he knows he looks like Mark.
Lol don't listen to him :) @DestineeLiu