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I guess this is coming in a bit late but showing gratitude and love is not limited to Valentine's day. Everyday is a special day! Don't take any moment for granted. Express it when you can!
Special thanks for @mattk95 for tagging me in his newest Soundtrack to Life Challenge.

MC Mong ft Lyn - Letter to You (2004)

Apart from his quirky singles, MC Mong actually has a lot of memorable love songs and this one is my all-time favorite. He might not be the best singer but his conversational style rapping speaks to your heart. In addition, Lyn's r&b vocal really compliment his voice and brighten up the song.
Tip: If you're making a CD for your date/bf/gf be sure to include this one because you'll melt their heart (without being overly cheesy).

Brown Eyes - With Coffee (2001)

This song is more than a decade old but it's still fresh as mint. It's uplighting and happy! The cheeky lyrics and gentle melody also express the feeling of falling in love.
Fun fact: Don't confused "Brown Eyed Soul" with "Brown Eyes". Naul was in both bands but "Brown Eyes" was a duo and Naul formed "Brown Eyed Soul" after Yoon Gun left the group.

Yoon Hyun Sang - Let's Eat Together (2015)

Here's a non-cheesy way to ask someone out on a date. What I adore about this song is the direct lyrics, the back and forth singing style, the chill music video and the food!!!!

Ra.d - Couple Song (feat. Kelley) - 2008

By now you probably heard of the song "I'm in Love" by the ever-so-talented Ra.d, but within that same album there's another sugar-coated track. It's called the "Couple Song." Do you like the unique blend of r&b and soul?

Eddy Kim - Slow Dance (2014)

Alright, alright. I'm not usually into this type of sentimental lyrics. However, his voice, the guitar strumming, and the lyrics will definitely set the mood for a coffee or dinner date. Plus, it'll make you get up on your feet to slow dance. ;)

KARA - If U Wanna (2007)

KARA has been around for a while now but in my opinion, none of the album they released topped the first album, The First Blooming. This song was one of my favorite from their debut album because it's playful, flirty and it shows off their clear vocals.

Wonder Girls - Remember (2015)

For those we are in long-distance relationship, this would be a great song to rekindle your distance! This line will definitely bring you to tears of joy, "If you ever hear this song somewhere, remember this moment."

Sunny Hill - Because It's You (2007)

Before they went mainstream, Sunny Hill was known as a trio co-ed group. This was one of the first songs I heard from this group! Several years has past and it's still in my playlist. It's one of those simple songs that will find its way back to you no matter how dated it becomes.

M4 - My Love (2011)

This song is not that old but the filming style (singers) make it seem like a 90s music video. Nonetheless, this is a bubbly and cute song for proposals and/or weddings.

Urban Zakapa - Like a Bird (2014)

For all the single people out there, this song is dedicate to you! Life is short, you're not missing out if you're not dating. There are many little things in life to ponder!
YES! Urban Zakapa! I could listen to them alllll day!
This playlist is awesome!!!! Fantastic choices @cindystran!!!! Thank you for participating ^-^
@MattK95 Thanks! This was a challenging one. I had the urge to include a few title tracks in this playlist but I resisted. Will you be making one? I'm actually really curious to what you'll choose. haha