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Today was the exo concert in dallas and i was so fortunate to go see my main kpop group seeing chen was and hearing his voice as well as the other members was the best thing that could happend to me especially since my birthday is in a week this was the best gift also i got to meet some new exo-l and i was sooo happy my voice may be gone and my legs might hurt but this was so worth it everyone going to the concert love them and support then and i hope you have an amazing experience like i did #exo #fighting. #saranghe #WEAREONE #Exoluxion #exoplanet #chen #xiumin #baekhyun #chanyeol #suho #sehun #D.O #Kai #Lay ❤
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You had much better seats than me. It was awesome though!
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@LenKel yes it was awesome
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I'm so glad you got to go! Thank you for posting these!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience
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@jiyongLeo i will post more but i am too tired to do it today my feet are killing me and my throat also but it was an amazing concert
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@chenisbaekasy Oh yes please rest! I'm sure you need it! I really appreciate the posts:) I will look forward to the rest of your experience!
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