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I've been recently bothered when it come to ppl who are down right "Unappreciative" of anything I or another does. Which is a fucking shame. For instance, you're out shopping, seeing yourself to getting multiple things because you know the taste of the other person is similar to yours. Especially if its a best friend. But in this case not all is needed or wanted by them, such as hair products, certain vitamins that my coincide with there medication. So you end up showing em what you got for them, but then they look at abundance of needed things you got cause its required, they then have the nerve to call you "selfish and self centered" if that's the case give me all my shit back, RIGHT!!!! AND FYI, I'm a grudge holder, so I'll never share with ppl who don't appreciate what I give out of good intention and willingly! point blank, period. So my riddle is, "why even get things to someone, when they turn around and tell you, "you're self centered because you got more stuff for yourself than me"" W.T.F KIND SENSE DOES THAT HONESTLY! SO I basicslly went on a awesome beauty haul this evening, got not just a few pieces for her, but things she requested earlier down the line too. I literally got brand cosmetics, Acrylic nails, which are the new natural press on by KISS nail line. lotion. perfumed body mist, Face cleansers, I mean a lot. And guess what happens, it gets thrown in my face cause it a wasn't enough, and I might as well keep . THATS PRETTY FUCKED UP! I HATE DOIND FOR PPL OUT THE KINDNESD OF MY HEART, BUT THEY DIDN'T SEE. oh but get this, the same person I gave money to, and I mean BILL MONEY, would take that easy! lol, crazy who ppl free wills won't accept blessings when it comes there way. I have a very frugal and giving spirit. I love when ppl are love. happy and content. In return that'd be all I want so wanna comment below @mscocoasupreme collection.
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amazing!! thank you so much for this, I tend to avoid people that have a lot, yet they still find a lot to complain about. because even the time you spend with them is never satisfying enough. it's always more and more