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Yes, we've all played this ice breaker, but I finally got a couple of lovely tags by @destiny1419 @resavalencia so I caved :3 #suckerfortags
But wait- there's more! There's a prize! :D
You heard right, the winner first 3 individuals to guess correctly will receive a personalized fanfic story about their bias! :D
And I also couldn't help with the Alpaca meme XD I'm a sucker for corny jokes!
If you don't know my writing style, that's okay, just click here!
The reason I chose 3 was simply because I don't know how hard or easy this will be and I want everyone to get a chance! :)
However, the guessing window will be shut after the three winners are announced!
1. I am fluent in 4 different languages.
2. I have a habit of dancing in my dorm at 2 in the morning when my roommate is fast asleep.
3. I have never been to Disneyland or Six Flags even though I live in California.
So which one is it? :O
I'll post the results as soon as I get them in! :D
Best of luck to everyone that comments!!
Tagging some beauties! <3
(Let me know if you want to be dropped/added to my cards! :D)
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@harukachiharu - it is Suga 😂
@Sailynn has anyone guessed right yet?
@narutobandgeek - Yes! the results are in! I'm just really busy at the moment so i'll be releasing a card with the winners later tonight! ❤🙌
@Sailynn thanks bunches
should definitely add me to your cards an 1. lie 2. truth 3. truth