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Well it's come to an end hop you guys enjoy reading it and let me know if you want to be tag in future ones :)
Are you going to get married any time soon? Youve been dating Namjoon for what? Like 2 years? Its time for you to get married! Your mother shouted at you. You glanced behind you to find Namjoon and Jae Hwan still talking, they didnt even glance up at the shouting. You turn back to your mother and sighed. She was beyond happy when she found out you were dating someone again, only to hesitate a little bit when she found out it was Namjoon. After Namjoon bribed her with a whole bunch of gifts, she finally accepted him. She waited 2 years and it still doesnt seem like you two were getting married. You were happy that she stopped pressuring you about it, but the time has come for her to start complaining again. Earlier this week she invited both Namjoon and Jae Hwan over for dinner to discuss this matter. You were unsure why she invited Jae Hwan, maybe because he was your only friend? Whoa there mom, marriage? With this guy? You pointed behind you. Namjoon was talking to Jae Hwan while you and your mom were talking (it was more of an argument than a conversation). Yes! Im not getting any younger and I want grandkids! She exclaimed, this time Namjoon and Jae Hwan looked towards your direction but only to turn back and continued their conversation. Okay, first of all we havent even gotten to marriage and were already arguing about grandkids? You pointed out, raising an eyebrow. Shes got a point. Jae Hwan added, appearing behind you. And its not her choice whether she and Namjoon gets married or not, its him who has to make the first move. Exactly. You smiled that someone was actually on your side. Who says I want to marry you. Namjoon joked with a chuckle. Even though it was a joke you frown. Y/N! Its okay, you can always marry me. Jae Hwan laughed, wrapping his arms around you. Back off, shes mine. Namjoon exclaimed, brushing Jae Hwans arms off you. Jae Hwan winked at you with another smile. Stop doing that! Doing what? He winked again. That! You just did it again. I dont know what youre talking about.
You shook your head at their silliness and walked out to the balcony. You closed your eyes and sighed. You dont remember being this happy with your mom, Jae Hwan and Namjoon. You always remember the day Namjoon sang to you, it was a very memorable day and it was a great day for the other members to bring up again. They always teased him for his voice cracks or his off key notes. Whats wrong? A voice behind you asked, you turned you head and spotted Namjoon. Just chilling. You answered turning back towards the night sky, his strong arms wrapped around your waist as he rested his head on your shoulder. 
I love you, Y/N. He whispered, you opened your eyes surprised to hear his sudden confession. Whats with the sudden confession? You laughed, poking his forehead. Noting, just… His voice trailed off as he closed his eyes. He just wanted to feel the warm summer breeze in his face as he rested on the soft skin of your shoulder. There was a long silence before you felt Namjoon take something out of his pocket. Im not good at things like this but… He said, placing a small box in front of you. Your eyes widen at the sight of the box because you knew exactly what it was. I just wanted to say that I love you and I would do anything be with you. I want every day to be that Just One Day. You giggled at the fact that he would actually reference his own song. So, I just want to say… will you marry me? Yes! You exclaimed turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck to give him a kiss. I love you too, you know. You smiled, still facing him as he slips the ring onto your finger. You turn your head towards the door when you heard giggles and chuckles. You spotted 7 men at the door along with you mother who had a huge smile on her face. Before you could react, they jumped out at you and exclaimed, Congratulations! They crowded around the two of you and laughed. Finally! My stubborn daughter is finally getting married! Your mother screamed calling your dad over who just sighed. Actually… I changed my mind. You joked in a straight face interrupting their cheers. Aw, come on. Jae Hwan complained, Look what you people did! 
Us? What about you? Jin argued back. What do we do if Namjoon never gets married? Is he going to become one of those lonely guys with cats? Jungkook whined, followed by some members laughing. Namjoon frowned at them, but noticed you squeezed your way through the 7 men and back inside the house. He quickly followed behind you as the rest stared at Jungkook. Its usually lonely women who own cats. You heard Taehyung tell him. Jungkook replies with an Oh. as the members and Jae Hwan continued to argue. Namjoon ran towards you, easily picking you up in bridal style. You made no struggle to get back on the floor. To be honest, you kind of liked it. But isnt Namjoon hyung a woman though? You heard Jungkook ask as the other members agreed. You couldnt help but laugh while Namjoon glared at them. Anyways, He cleared his throat and turning back towards you. Are you sure you take it back? You dont want to marry me? He questioned, raising an eyebrow. You mindlessly wrapped your arms around his neck and lean towards his ears to whisper, Yes. as you gave him an evil smile. Well, I guess Ill just change your mind. He smiled back, attacking your lips.
Awww this was such a sweet story!
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