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This weeks Waifu Wednesday is going to be Rias Gremory. The reason why is because I recently made a harem and I forgot to put her in it. And she was one of the main people I wanted to be in it so this week Ill be talking about her.
I like Rias for several reasons. The main one being that she is a devil. She has awesome powers. She has a cool family. What more could you want? I also love her long red hair. This picture shows it well.
Her personality is one to die for. She genuinely cares about issei. She super sweet. But shes also really tough. Shes the boss. Shes also not shy about getting physical.
If you haven't noticed already shes also very attractive. Lets just say her body is well matured. Most other girls wouldn't stand a chance against her in a beauty contest.
Did I mention she has awesome powers? and demon wings.
Theres a lot of sweet merchandise of her as well. I think Ill buy a tshirt with her face on it.
Heres a few more pictures for you!
So yea, Rias is my waifu because she has awesome powers, she has cool family such as lucifer himself, who wouldnt want to be related to him, she is super sweet and caring, she is tough, shes beautiful, just look at her long red hair, and shes pretty much the perfect girl. So what do you think? Is she your waifu to? If not then who is? What do you like or dislike about Rias? Let me know in the comments! (Anime: Highschool DxD)
@JoseYzaguirre why thank you
god damn it.....this is why i fucking love red heads...
oly Waifu i need
i love how that ended @gabbycalzada @ShinigamiSan
@ShinigamiSan 馃槕 please stop it
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