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I went with my daughters. They love Exo as much as I do. They have been beyond excited for this day. The oldest and her best friend cried when they saw the area. Pulling in they were is shock by the amount of people that were there for Exo. I met a few ladies in my hotel that were going. And we became instant buddies. One lady hugged my youngest because Lay is her bias too. Another lady followed my daughter from the elevator at our hotel just to find out where she got her Kai coat. It is amazing what Kpop does for people, as long as we are together we are friends. And I made several tonight.
They hit the stage and it was non stop from there. It took me a while to actually get past the shock they were really there in the same building as me.
They sang over the music which was tough because it was extremely loud. Every fan screamed everytime anyone started their part.
There was never a quiet moment in that arena. Some of them spoke English and some used an interpreter. However that did not stop them from telling us how they felt. Hungry Tired Excited Surprised Loved
There was a moment where the lights flashed from behind the white paper where they were changing. I think the decibels were enough to rupture an ear drum.
They gave us their all and we gave it right back. I'm not gonna lie after the last video they did and they sang Sing for You I cried. Then when Chen got choked up while singing I lost it. Suho ended by promising to come back with Kai and Lay. Sehun said that we would come back as long as we would have them. The crowd went nuts to both of those statements. Going through my phone I realize I have videos for days. This is a moment that my squad will never forget. Not only was this their first concert but it was the first concert that they begged me to go to. We are forever ExoLs
I really love Kpop fans hahaha like, its so rare to meet each other in real life so when we have a chance like this at a concert we suddenly become this crazy family. I'm so glad you and your girls had an amazing time!!!
@JaiiPanda thank you for letting us know we were wondering about you
I cried just reading your experience
I'm so jealous I wish I could've been there... Great pics
lol I know I will I just eeeek I'm screaming like a little girl from the 90s seeing Nsync for the first time on the inside lol
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