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Genre:Fluff/Smut JiminXReader
Your POV
PROM WEEK!! Prom night was coming up in less than a week. You didnt plan on going since you didnt really have anyone to go with, or anything to do when you got there. Your friends asked you just to go for fun, but you said you rather not spend money on a dress and your hair. In reality, you did want to go. And you wanted Jimin to take you. But him being the person he is, you thought he probably already had a date… or several. You sighed as you rested against the couch. In the past month, you and Jimin have never been closer. Hugging and holding hands was a normal thing that the two of you would do now. Sometimes when you couldnt sleep, you would walk into Jimins room and he would accept with open arms. Even his mom would tease the two of you about it, making the both of you blush and look away from each other. You didnt mind it though. You didnt deny the fact that you had feelings for him. You tried your hardest not to show it, but it didnt really work when he teased you every single day. Jimin walked downstairs and sat down beside you, turning on the tv. You took no time to cuddle into his body as he placed an arm around you. Multiple times you thought that Jimin may return back the feelings you have for him. But you werent too sure since you dont know how he acts when hes with other girls. You would throw his arm off of you at this thought, but, you liked his warmth. And you enjoyed his presence. You just hoped he felt the same.
Jimins POV
He has been waiting to ask you to go to prom for the past month. But he had no idea if you wanted to go with him. Girls were piled up, asking Jimin to go with them. He politely declined them all and it made them all wonder who he was going to go with. Or even if he was going at all. But he had to, right? He was so popular; everyone was going to vote him as Prom King. He knew this too. He knew people would vote for him. He wanted to attend, but he didnt want to go alone. You were the only one that was in his mind whenever he thought of a girl. 
"Y-Y/n" he broke the silence between the two of you watching tv. You were drifting asleep so you hummed in response, "Are… you going to prom?"
You snapped awake and he looked at you, his eyes wide.
He casually looked the other direction, "I-I just wanted to know" You gave him a questionable look, but answered him, "I wasnt really planning on it… I dont have anyone to go with…" you murmured, more to yourself than to him. 
"Seriously?!" Your face was shocked and he gave you the same look back. 
"Jeez! Whats so shocking about that" You ask, thinking of an answer you hoped he would say
"Well… I-I dont know… I just thought maybe you would have a date because youre so… beautiful, you know?" You blushed, did he just call me beautiful? 
He looked at you and you looked back at him. He was really falling for you and he hated the fact that he couldnt tell you. 
"Y-You should go with me!" He blushed hard and tried to hide his face. 
"Are you asking me to be your date?" You smirked at him 
"What if I am?" he tried to return the smile you gave him, but he was too flushed to
"Then I would most gladly accept" you smile as you cuddled into his chest a little more. 
He was too happy for his own good. He licked his lips in anticipation and kissed your forehead before getting up and almost running out the front door. You could practically hear him scream 'Yes!" from outside and it made you giggle. When he walked back inside, he was calm, cool, and collected. He ran his hand through his hair, " I knew you wanted to go with me" he tried to hide his huge grin with a smirk, but it failed, and all you did was laugh.
Your POV
'Shit. This means I have to buy a dress' You roll your eyes and head upstairs to call your friend, "Want to go dress shopping?" you ask
"What? But I thought you werent going to prom…?"
I changed my mind 
"Was it Jimin? Did he ask you?" you heard your friend chuckle "...Maybe" you laughed
"Of course! Ill pick you up, be there soon!" Jimin was a little bundle of joy ever since you agreed to go with him. He smiled more at school. He was a lot friendlier to everyone. He didnt seem like the typical playboy everyone knew anymore. He practically pranced around the hallways. His friends would look at him funny but they had no idea what was going on in his head. The dress you bought was beautiful. It was an elegant black with a ombre to white near the bottom. It had black lace that went around the hem. It showed off your curves and made your boobs look amazing. You wanted to keep it a secret from Jimin. So you could surprise him when you wore it. You wondered what his reaction would be like. Jimin had tried several times to see you in your dress. He asked you constantly. The only thing you told him was to wear black and white so the both of you would match. He told you he liked it because it was classy. You and Jimin had a strange tension between the two of you. You both felt like you liked each other in the same way, but no one said anything or made a first move. Because of this, the both of you do a lot of playful flirting. His friends kept on telling Jimin to just go and ask you out already because they all know he liked you a lot. Jimin himself was just too afraid to admit the truth.
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