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RT @ChungMinCho: 돈 때문에 행복한 사람은 돈 때문에 불행해지고, 자리 때문에 행복한 사람은 자리 때문에 불행해집니다. 나 밖에 있는 것들 때문에 행복할수록 나 밖에 있는 것들 때문에 불행합니다. RT @ChungMinCho: Those who are happy because of money becomes unhappy because of money, and those who are happy because of their position becomes unhappy because of their position. Those who become happy about things only they have will also become unhappy because of the things only they have. (6 hours ago) RT @ChungMinCho: 밤에만 꿈꾸는 사람은… 낮에도 꿈꾸는 사람을 못 따라갑니다. RT @ChungMinCho: Person who dreams at only at night… Cannot compare to the person who dreams even during the day. (6 hours ago)
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