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I could feel the wind blowing past my face as I ran Running through the darkness I had nowhere to go but deeper into the dark The only thing I could hear was the echoing of my feet as I ran The blood rushing to my head pounding with every beat of my heart I kept running I didn’t know to what but, I knew I needed to get there As I ran a light started to appear I saw him standing there in the light As I got closer I saw that he was standing there in the middle of the street I kept running towards him He had his headphones in and was talking to someone But he isn’t paying attention to the car coming up behind him I tried to call out his name but he couldn’t hear me “Ji!!!!!” But it was no use So I kept running I had to do something I had to tell him that he was in danger I was getting closer and closer And so were the two headlights heading towards him I finally was close enough “Ji!!!!!” But he still couldn’t hear me The car was getting closer So I did the only thing I could I ran I ran towards him I reached my arms out and pushed him out of the way “JIMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The next thing I know I see to headlights........ “Ivy??????” I wake up to Vicky shaking me “Huh………what happened?” I ask her as I tried to get my bearings “You have been mumbling and tossing in your sleep and right now you just sat straight up and said jimin. You were all blank face and you weren’t saying anything I tried talking to you but you didn’t respond you just stared straight ahead like you were in a trance, so I started shaking you I was really worried about you what happened?” Vicky says “I just had another dream about him, but it was completely different that the other ones. I was running in the dark and I couldn’t stop, then I saw him standing there at the end of the darkness, he was talking to someone on the phone and a car was coming towards him. I tried to call out to him but he couldn’t hear me so I pushed him out of the way and then all I remember is a bright light heading towards me.” As I said all this Vicky just stared at me in disbelief. Vicky gave me a quick hug and said “I’m just glad that you’re okay I was really scared there for a second.” “I’m okay I promise I just feel kinda light headed. How much longer till we get there?” I ask her, man I feel like I have a hangover. “We should be landing in two hours or so here just drink this and I’ll get the stewardess to get us some food okay, just relax alright.” As Vicky gets up to go talk to the stewardess I down the bottle of water she gave me. Jimin you might be the end of me........
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