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So, I have mixed feels about this. I both love and hate this challenge. GAH! So, thanks @AimeeH for creating this challenge. RULES: 1/ Choose 15 Biases. Put in any random order. 2/ Answer questions. 3/ Have fun! (I tried. I was screaming at my phone afew times.)


1} Moon (Royal Pirates) 2} V (BTS) 3} BaekHo (Nu'est) 4} Daesung (BigBang) 5} RapMon (BTS) 6} YoungJae (GOT7) 7} Siwon (Super Junior) 8} JB (GOT7) 9} JooHeon (Monsta X) 10} TOP (BigBang) 11} Woozi (Seventeen) 12} J-Hope (BTS) 13} Jae (Day6) 14} Jackson (GOT7) 15} Ravi (VIXX)
Q1: Between 4 & 14 Who would you rather marry? Daesung or Jackson? Killing me right off the bat. I'm going with Daesung. Jackson is a brother not a husband. Q2: Between 1 & 5 Who would you sing/rap with? Moon or RapMon? I'm rather fond of Moon's singing. ♥ Sorry RapMon. Q3: Between 6 & 13 Which would you introduce to your family? YoungJae or Jae? Wow! At first I was all YoungJae, but I think maybe someone who speaks English might be better for my parents. So, Jae!
Q4: Between 2 & 8 Who would be your best friend? V or JB? Really? They are both Capricorn which I can get along with.... just not like super well. I think my crazy matches V better than JB. I feel like JB would just troll me ALL the time. RAWR! So, V. ^u^ Q5: Between 3 & 15 Who would you want to kiss more? BaekHo or Ravi? Oh! Um, Ravi. Q6: Between 7 & 12 Who would you rather nurse back to health? Siwon or J-Hope? Siwon! No wait... J-Hope... No Siwon!
Q7: Between 9 & 11 Who is the better singer/rapper? JooHeon or Woozi? So, I'm just starting to like Monsta X and my feels for Seventeen is mixed... I'm gonna go with Woozi. He is one talented boy. Not that I don't like JooHeon's rapping... I'm such a sucker for vocals. ♥ Q8: Between 10 & 3 Who would get along with your friends more? TOP or BaekHo? Oh no! I love TOP, but I don't think he'd fit with my otaku friends..... so, BaekHo. I hope he likes anime. ^u^ Q9: Between 8 & 15 Who would you date? JB or Ravi? Getting straight to the point now aren't we? It's gonna sound silly since I just passed him up for V, but I'm gonna say JB for this. I haven't fallen for Ravi long and still need to figure him out. I friggan love JB.
Q10: Between 1 & 7 Who would you cook for? Moon or Siwon? Can't we all just eat? I'd love to cook for either. I feel like Moon's standards would be lower than Siwon's. Rich prick. So, Moon.... would you like some Beef and Brocolli over rice? Q11: Between 4 & 12 Who would make you laugh the most? Daesung or J-Hope? WAE!?! You don't see me, but I'm J-Nope-ing you right now. I can't. I love and choose both. RAWR! Q12: Between 3 & 13 Who has the most contagious smile? BaekHo or Jae? So, basically BaekHo's smile is one of the best out there in KPopland. Everyone! Go look at BaekHo's smile. Your Welcome. ^u^
Q13: Between 5 & 10 Who would make the better father? RapMon or TOP? TOP! He would be the best Dad ever! I volunteer to have a kid with TOP. Q14: Between 6 & 9 Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated island with? YoungJae or JooHeon? I'm screwed. Both scare easily. I think YoungJae is smart so I may survive longer with him. So, YoungJae. Plus side, he can sing to/with me during the ordeal.
I'm sorry JooHeon. I didn't choose you in any of the choices. I still love you! This challenge was evil. Thanks! ByeBye!
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I'm so sorry I was evil, but if it's any consolation, I love your answers and commentary!! Thank you for participating!