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The Flash star Grant Gustin has posted the first photo of himself alongside Supergirl Melissa Benoist, on the set of the Supergirl.
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Same here @Karthikkrazzy1 it seems like both actors really love their characters and the story they're telling
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I can't wait to see this episode. It's gonna be awesome
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@bemba0411 agreed I really like the crossovers they've done so far and I love Supergirl so I'm pretty excited :D
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@shannonl5 for the longest I've been hearing that Tom Welling will be in the Flash season two finale. I don't know how true that is, but if it is, WOW!!!! And he also said he is opened to play Superman in Supergirl. I miss Smallville, lol. I hope he does make an appearance on Supergirl. 馃槉 but in the mean time, I'm definitely going to enjoy the cross over with the Flash and Supergirl.
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@bemba0411 oooooo that would be exciting!!! I'd be really happy about that
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