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I'd figured that these Celestial Spirit's need some recognizing because they play a big part in Fairy Tail. They were always a part of almost everyone's life which include: Lucy, Natsu, Gray (Loke is his bff) Yukino, Zeref, and Lucy's mother Layla...oh we can't forget Brandish and her mother as well! (^-^)
All in all, I love these guys! They're all my favorites! Which Celestial Zodiac Spirit are you? I'm Pisces! There's more to come...to be continued...
Libra and pisces aren't Lucy's ....yet 😂😂she going to get them soon hopefully!
I'm Sagittarius. I think that explains why I love archery
@tayhar18920 I kno lucy isn't pisces or libras owner but I kno at one point they will be. @BelleofRay that's cool I like Virgo a lot. she's hilarious! @ReadAnimateSwim Taurus is funny as hell too cuz he's such a perv towards Lucy and any other female that's similar to Lucy's body type. lol. @Animerocks1253 Sagittarius is awesome. "Moshi Moshi" @Sharia lmbo yea it kinda took me a bit to accept how they put pisces as...I like it when they're in their human form though. they're funny too being a mother son duo.
I'm scorpio
I'm Virgo
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