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Lol Vader gets very waifu-defensive. But anyway, it's Waifu Wednesday and guess who my waifu is today? That's right: Senjougahara Hitagi from the Monogatari series.
Let's see. How do I describe Senjougahara? Well she's beautiful for one. Her threats are pretty nice. And she's really smart and athletic. Despite her somewhat abrasive personality towards Araragi (that's enough "ra's" right?) she has a really cute side when she's not spewing creative threats. (She actually loves him believe it or not). She's intensely loyal, almost to the point of being considered yandere, and is very kind when it comes to those she cares about.
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YES馃榿馃榿 @BlackDragon88
2 years agoReply
Lol she is very beautiful and has an interesting personality
2 years agoReply
Scary but beautiful
2 years agoReply
@NikolasSatterwh @HiwaRasul very much so lol
2 years agoReply
haha, since when did Darth Vader become Excalibur?
2 years agoReply