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Conversation Before Break up . . Boy - Now i am really Fed up with U , Let's end This . . Girl - (Crying) What Do u Mean ??? . Boy - Look how Fat & Ugly U r , I don't wanna Be in relationship with this type of Girl . . Girl - I was same Ugly Fat Girl when U said I Luv U , When U Hug me , When U kissed me . I am not a Tissue to throw away After u use . Now stop this plz . . Boy - What the Hell now , I don't wanna see Ur Ugly face Once again now get lost from Here . . Girl ran away (Crying) to her Home . Sitting in front of a Mirror seeing her Face she Remind all the thing Boy said She was so Upset about Herself that she hit her Reflection in Mirror with Bare Hands . Mirror broke into pieces her Hand was Bleeding with a Deep cut , But Still She was in So much angry About Herself that she took a Piece of Broken Glass and Started to cut Herself wherever the Boy Kissed Or Touched . . After a while Her Mom came to her Room to ask why she was Crying when she Came Home , but she was is Dead Shock to see her daughter in such a way , the whole room was Flooded in Blood . . She cut herself 42 Times and She was Dead . With a Note Saying . . "I am Just a Soul now , I killed the Body U ‪#‎Hated‬ , Will u ‪#‎Luv‬ Me Now?" ‪#‎P‬lease Never Hate or Tease a Person for their Looks , Luv is not about Bodies or lush its all about Hearts . Pure Heart.