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Is it difficult to understand girls in real ? Think a while

hey ! all boys out there check these . so the question of what girls want in real ? it's really difficult to understand girls comes to an end . These are the 20 things that I think every girl need from guys . And I think very girl will surely need those 20 things mention here as correct because girls are always consider as mysterious by boys :-p :) and we girl like to be mysterious too sometimes in front of our lovers :)
yes..it difficult if the girl is too pushy when it come to relationship. sometime they need to calm down from thinking what they want from guys but let think what guys want from you too. if you are worth it to them, not just 20 thing but more then that guys will give it to prove their love.. just my sense ☺
:) nice sense @atmi BT girls r mysterious creation by god :)
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