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The Oscars are finally approaching. And though everyone seems to have an obsession with who wins the awards, no one realizes that no one goes home a loser. Gift bags for the Oscar directors and nominees are absolutely extravagant yet extremely unnecessary as if these people aren't rich enough. Celebrities are notorious for getting immense respect after winning an Oscar but you don't need a trophy to be showered in thousands of dollars of gifts. The Distinctive Assets have released the list for 2016's Oscar Gift Bag: - 10 day, first class, all inclusive trip to Israel : $55,000 - One years worth of unlimited Audi car rentals from SilverCar: $45,000 - 15 day walking tourism vacation through Japan $45,000 - Lifetime supply of Lizora skin creams: $31,200 - Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer: $249.99 - Laser skin-tightening procedure Ultherapy: $5,530 - 3 private training sessions with 'celebrity wellness expert' Jay Cardiello: $1,400 -Fit Club TV Ultimate Fitness Package held in a private villa: $6,250 -Vampire breast utilizing 'blood derived growth factors' by giving enhancement to breast without need for surgery: $1,900 - A Sex Arouser Toy: $200 And how are many of these items being payed for? Companies, because they are required to pay $4,000 promotional fees.

What are your thoughts?

Oh my god hahah. These are so random to me. A walking tour through Japan is pretty cool though. hahahha. @TurtleyTurtles I totally get you there.
How ridiculous. I can see stuff like beauty products and clothes or accessories, but a trip to Israel? Breast enhancements? A sex toy? These are things that celebrities need to be given?
This is insane!
why Israel?
A sex toy馃槀馃槀馃槀