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You read that correctly. Broentine's Day. As in a day to celebrate the "bros" that are in your life when you don't have a special someone because the way I see it Valentine's Day should be a day that celebrates all kinds of love, not just the romantic variety. Thus I present to you "Broentine's Day" and some ways to celebrate it as a single guy with your bros who have always had your back.

1. Go Out

This could be anything really. For me and my bros, "going out" is really just chilling at one of our places and ordering out (usually pizza or wings) while watching MMA or playing video games. But the thing is that this is something you can be done any day. So think a little bigger. I know we're guys and we're simple but celebrating someone in your life means doing something out of the ordinary right? So maybe instead of hanging out watching MMA actually go to an MMA match. Or hit up Dave&Buster's. Anything you think you're bros would enjoy. However, be careful about what you decide to do. You're celebrating the day as a single guy with your friends. You want to avoid places where couples are likely to have congregated like any parks, fancy restaurants, etc.

2. Chill Over Your Bro's Place

This one has a world of possibilities. You already know what this night would be like for me. But there are other things to do besides video games or sports. If your bros are Marvel fans you guys can Netflix a Marvel show all night (I recommend Daredevil, just saying). Order out, get a couple beers and just chill, you know. Just have chill ass night with your bros. could do something a little more eccentric. Play a board game or a game you guys may have come up with on your own or play often. For example, a few of my bros got into New Girl a while back (myself included; show is hilarious) and so we tried playing a game called True American that was on the show because why not? It looked like fun. Anyway it was a mess lol; we had no idea how to truly play the game. So we improvised. We have no idea who won but we had a hell of a time and that's all that matters right? The moral is that even though we were just at home we made it exciting and fun. That's what it means to be hanging with your bros: everything becomes fun.
Now here's the thing. Broentine's Day is exclusively for single bros (girls can be bros too though). If you just so happen to be a girl who is not a bro that's okay because @SeoInHan has the guide to Galentine's Day. That's right, ways to enjoy the female friends in your life on a day that celebrates love of all kinds. So go check it out! Now! Lol

On a sidenote does anyone remember this show? Men At Work? It was one of my favorite shows. It's hilarious. It deserves to be recognized. That is all


@shannonl5 you know I had to slip DD in there somehow lol @danidee yeah you should watch it. The show had my sides hurting lol @InspirationalMe I'm glad you like the idea but I can't rightfully day it's mine since I didn't come up with it. In think that credit should go to @nicolejb and @AlloBaber. All I did was make the card for it. But thanks anyway 馃榿
hahahahaha I love this! (also yass to the Daredevil shoutout there's like, almost no romance in that show it's perfect). V-day is cute but I'm way more about spending time with your friends
The weirdest dang bros Joey and Chandler Bing:)
@MajahnNelson eh! that's just my opinion, cause I know everyone doesn't feel the same way about it
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