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I was shocked recently when i found out that contained within the terms of use for Facebook messenger is Mark Zuckerburg's right to invade your privacy. When you agree to the terms of service, you agree to be recorded and watched at all times where ever you carry your phone. But that is not the most disturbing thing about all of this. What is so disturbing is the fact that now, if you want to send or receive messages through facebook on your phone, you have to download messenger. He has even made it impossible to use your phone's browser to send or read messages. So in affect, he is saying, "You will allow me to invade your privacy or i will punish you by making it impossible for you to receive or send messages through facebook on your phone ever again. I always wondered why he would try to force messenger on people. It didn't make sense. Now it does. I will never use messenger again. So, if you don't want to be forced to give up your privacy you may want to look into some other options.
Hangouts Hangouts is a good option. It's a chat app that was made for anyone who has an account with google. And who doesn't have a google+ account weather they use it or not? Everyone who has facebook should have a google account as well. Hangouts is my number 1 alternative to messenger because it is already downloaded into my phone when i get it. That may not be the best alternative for you but storage space on my phone is limited and sense i don't chat with people that often, Hangouts is ideal for me. Whatsapp Messenger and Instagram These are also very popular. If you don't use them, you have heard of them and it is about time you start checking into that as a great alternative to messenger. If those are not good for you, there are only about a thousand other chat and video chat apps to choose from in your app store. And last but not least, there's always texting. So there is no reason to lay down and let Mark Zuckerburg hold a metaphorical gun to your head while you download messenger so that he can invade your privacy. Maybe He should go live in China.
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lol you have alot of love for him. but what your saying is true I never used Facebook on my phone because I didn't want to get antisocial when I go out and meet up with family and friends, specially because I saw how Facebook affected the people around me I didn't want to end up the same so I just kept Facebook on my laptop and I'd get on when I'm totally bored and can't find anything better to do. a few years ago around 2011 I wanted to use Facebook on my phone cause I was working with someone people overseas in a small business so I need to receive the msgs and information asap when I tried to download Facebook on the phone the whole terms and conditions application popped in front of me normal I never read what it says luckily I saw something saying that I'm giving Facebook permission to have access to my phone. I didn't read the rest and just ignored to ever use Facebook on my phone.