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<Enter Me> Woot Woot !!!!!
Partner - @BBxGD
Choi Seung-Hyun as T.O.P aegyo.
Dong Young-Bae as Taeyang aegyo. Unfortunately he doesn't do it that often but I found some Gwiyomi from the Alive tour and just something else cute.
Kwon Ji-Yong as G-Dragon aegyo. Who is the cutest of them all? G-Dragon gwiyomi.
Kang Dae-Sung as Daesung. He doesn't do it much either. He has his own versions. He doesn't need to though, cuz he's cute at whatever he does!
Lee Seung-Hyun as Seungri aegyo.
This is their own version of aegyo during a V cast. They said if they reached 300,000 views they would do it - they got to 440,000 within an hour.
The End!! Hope you enjoyed.
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Awwww!!! cuteness overload! and thanks for tagging me!! 😍😍
These feels 😍😍❤❤❤
@KDSnKHJ Very cute - lol I think we used all of the same pictures! I wonder how many more times we will see them today? ...and I couldn't find many with Daesung either, but I figured the same thing - he always goes around smiling and acting cute!
■□■ You and @BBXGD have been entered for the Big Bang Community Giveaway Competition ■□■
Seungri with the pink silly bear....hat... so cute