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If you missed Challenge 2 click HERE!!!
Its time to find out what your Bangtan Valentine is planning for the special day...

Box #1- A Candlelight Dinner On The Beach

You couldn't wait to enjoy a romantic dinner. He kissed you and promised that everything would be perfect.

Box #2- Stay In and Cuddle

He didn't want to do much that day. Instead he suggested that you two just sleep in together basking in your love for each other. You couldn't agree more.

Box #3- DOOM

He couldn't think of anything and defeated he just asked you what you wanted to do. You shrugged your shoulders expecting him to be creative. You both forget on making plans.
Too Bad You Guys....

Box #4- A One Week Getaway

His smile grew wide as he watched your reaction to the two tickets to a private resort in Jeju Island scheduled for Valentine's Day. You squealed and ran into his arms giving him a big kiss. The smiles on your faces lasted that whole day in anticipation.

Challenge Three Will Be Up Soon ^.^ Congrats To Those Who Dodged The DOOM choice.

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Jungkook and I cuddled!
2 years agoReply
One week getaway with J hope! Awesome! ^^
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2 years agoReply
I'm doing good!! I don't like Suga though sooooo.. Doom!!
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