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It was dark and cold, I don't know where I am. I don't remember anything, I didn't know what was going on. I tried to look around see if I can get out but it was pitch black. I felt a cold metal ring around my ankle. I grab my ankle to see what it was, I was chained to a wall. I couldn't get out I was trapped, all I had on was a large shirt that didn't keep me warm. I was finally able to see a little in the dark. I was in a tiny room all the walls were painted black. I felt around to see if there was a flashlight or phone or a switch just something so I can see better. I found a small slightly broken flashlight, I turned it on really quick and see writing on the walls. I couldn't see what it was saying the words were all scrambled up stacked on top of each other. I heard something coming so I turned off the light and laid down. I am guessing it was a man, he had heavy footsteps and he was big. He placed a tray on the floor and screamed lightly to let me know he was there. I got up right away and looked at him, I couldn't get anything out of him. All I saw was a dark figure he was tall and big. He look like he had equipment on him. He then walked out and locked the big metal black door. I turned on my flashlight and looked at the tray all I saw was bread and water. I was too scared to eat so I left it there. I fell asleep and woke up at home. That's all I remember I promise you. "how did you get home?" the strange man asked me, I looked around to try and remember I was in court. "I don't know, I woke up at home." I said trying to pull my hands out of the hand cuffs. "Alright." he sighed "This can't be happening it wasn't a dream. I know it wasn't a dream, it felt so real." I said screaming. "Who was the man you described?" he said "I don't remember. Someone kidnapped me why are you doing this I want to go home!" I said trying to get out of my seat. "ma'am you can't leave." the judge said giving me a look of sorry. "I didn't kill anyone I promise!" I screamed. "Then explain why your apartment had blood all over the carpet. Explain why we saw John De La Rosa dead on your couch!" he said screaming back "I woke up with blood all over me! I tried cleaning it off! I don't know what happened I promise." I started crying. "You were responsible for his murder! Admit it Destiny, you killed John!" he said with a smile "No I didn't!" I closed my eyes and kept repeating that I didn't do it. I opened my eyes and saw I was on my bed, no blood on me, no body, nothing. I looked next to me and saw John, my husband, was still sleeping next to me.