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Hear, hear! The cheeseburger queen is here to tell you something about vegetarianism.

(Well, make that a black bean burger, instead.)
I've got news: I have been putting the meat down more often. Why? Well, I have always understood the ethical issues concerning the meat industry, and generally I believe we do over-consume meat products. The ethical concerns I have about meat isn't anything new -- I've know them for over 10 years. It was just easier (and tastier) to ignore them.
Also, as someone who grew up eating meat at every single meal, and as someone who went to parties hosted by Latinos with a whole pig being roasted on a spit, it was always easy to shrug off the ethical concerns, because I just wanted a thick, fatty piece of pork slapped on a plate with my side of rice and beans (and I still do). Let's be real, the Puerto Rican cuisine is loaded with meat (especially pork).
{{Sorry, I am going through serious pork withdrawals tbh}}
I have yet to tell my entire family about my recent meatless food choices, but I can imagine some of them will think I am crazy. And I can just imagine them saying, "what will you eat?"
Any my response will be: everything I am already eating, but just without meat...
Over the past few months, I have been slowly reducing my meat intake. Instead of having meat at every meal, I had it only once day. Recently, I've only had meat perhaps one or twice a week -- and at smaller portions.
The other day, I decided to give up meat for Lent. Although I am not practicing Christian, and I acknowledge Lent as more of a tradition and ritualistic observance for myself, I am using it as a chance to challenge myself to stay strictly vegetarian for at least 40 days.
I just want everyone to know that as I write this card, there are a lot of things I am currently craving. Like sizzling bacon, rotisserie chicken, and lemon-marinated fish. However, I know that I can do without them.
I think one thing I have on my side is that I am a huge fan of vegetables and vegetarian dishes. Although I have always been a meat eater, I have always been a bigger veggie eater. I love broccoli, kale, carrots, black bean veggie burgers, and I love experimenting in the kitchen, cooking up meatless options that are healthier and heartier.
Ever since I have been reducing my meat intake, I must admit that I feel much better. When I had meat last week, I immediately felt sluggish, heavy, and very uncomfortable. It could totally be that it was laced with fat, that I didn't want to strip off.
What I also find challenging is trying to organize my meals in a way that guarantees I am getting the proper amount of nutrients, fats, complete proteins, and carbohydrates. Since I already suffer from really terrible anemia (even when I was a daily red meat eater), I have to now be more diligent in taking my iron pills.
And I can just picture the last doctor I visited shaking her head at two things:
1- The fact that I have given up meat, knowing how severe my anemia is
2- That I still suck at taking my iron pills
But it will all work out! Haha!

And truth is that I've been preparing vegan and vegetarian dishes for a very long time, and I love them! I just get to be even MORE creative in the kitchen, MORE OFTEN!

Breakfast Chocolate Oatmeal With Chunks of Dark Chocolate Pieces, and Almonds

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger on a Bed of Spinach, Carrots, a Side of Sauteed Onions

An Assortment of Vegetables With Fried Egg

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips (Baked)

Breadless Black Beant Burger Topped With Shredded Carrots and Red Onions

Homemade pizza with Boca 'chkn' patties chopped up.

I will keep everyone updated on my 40-day strict vegetarian diet goes.
Also, if you're looking for some vegan/vegetarian recipes, you can check out this collection: Vegan Latin American Food
Check out this card for three awesome vegetarian options HERE
@jordanhamilton thanks for the support!! ^^
@jordanhamilton thanks be honest I have been struggling lol. I actually have been almost vegetarian for a month now. I still crave pork, but the Boca Chkn patties have been sorta saving my life haha
They are good :) @ShakirBishop
of course, ALWAYS!
Hm! I actually never ha blackeyed peas with rice. But it sounds like something I should DEFINITELY try!!!! @adelinehanna
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