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Hiya Nakama!!!! I think one anime that I have not talked about that is definitely a throwback is Season 1 The Indigo League of Pokemon!!! The very first episodes of what most people say is their favorite region, KANTO. Personally, my Favorite is Hoenn but it's all good. You can never forget the classic especially with Pokemon Go! coming out soon!! XD
It originally ran from 1997 to 1999 with 80 episodes. The season ended with The last battle of the Pokemon League! The chief director us Kunihiko Yuyama and Masamitsu Hidaka was the director for the First Series. Its actually rather interesting how much Pokemon has evolved over the years and yet still has the very some core themes of Teamwork, friendships, fun, and justice. Haha
One thing that didnt really change is Ash! haha should really be sooo much older than he looks!!!
Another thing that hasnt really changed is Team Rocket!!! They still one of the funniest trios out there!!
Okay so Who loved Pokemon!?!? Like this card if yes!! Questions: Who was your favorite Pokemon and favorite region? Who's your favorite character? Comment Below or Make your own Pokemon Throwback Thursday card and Tag me!!! (:
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ALSO Pikachu should have like a legendary level power by now. I mean like monstrous power. And Ash should she so experienced by now that beating the Elite Four should be a piece of cake.
Misty and Charmander...they're both gone so I don't watch it anymore.
Arcanine, Kalos, and Dawn was the greatest.
Mew is my favorite