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Hey this is to all the guys out there who are stressing out about Valentine's Day whether they are spending it alone, with someone, or hoping to spend it with someone. This is to help y'all out. For all of you who already have someone special to spend it with, you guys are probably stressing on what to do for the day with them or if you need to buy her something cute. Sometimes money isn't everything. It's better to go small and meaningful than big and meaningless. Most girls would much rather just enjoy spending time with you than receiving a bunch of stuff. So plan out something cute. Take them on a journey or a little scavenger hunt you think of. If you've been dating them for a while, take them to places that mean something. Take them to where y'all first kissed or went on a date, those kind of places because I guarantee you that they remember those places. Make it fun and enjoyable, that's the goal. For all of you guys spending Valentine's alone, don't lose hope!!! This year you may spend it alone but that won't last forever, one year you won't, so stay positive and find a way to enjoy your day. Treat yourself during that day. Do what you like!! To all the guys hoping to get a date for Valentine's, the best advice I can give you, is be yourself!! You don't have to go all out to get a date for the day. It's as simple as walking up to the girl you wanna ask and say "hey would you by any chance wanna go see a movie on Valentine's Day or grab lunch or coffee or something?" It's that simple. Girls aren't just wanting one certain guy to go all out. Some girls just wanna not spend the day alone, so they just wanna be treated well, be a gentleman, that's all they want. And they wanna enjoy the day. You don't necessarily have to pursue a relationship from the start! Get to know them on the date if they say yes. If they don't say yes, don't give up forever. It just may not have been the right time to ask, so don't be sad if rejection happens because that's a part of life. In the end, no matter what you're doing on that day, just find a way to enjoy the day. It's not worth moping around. I promise you! That's all I have for y'all, and I hope this helps as many of you as possible. Stay cool and yourself! Have a great day!!! ~Matthew P.S. Share this as much as possible. I want to have this reach as many people as possible to help as many as possible.
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Beautiful! it's honestly that simple!! Idk if this will help you guys but I think it's cool to share! : @jamesyoungs @AngryItalian01 @MannyPadron