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Do Kyungsoo/ D.O / Squishy... Born: January 12, 1993 This guy older by a year but I just can't get myself to call him oppa he looks like a teenager to me still..... with that he is kinda growing on me maybe after a couple more years he'll look a little older his baby face just idk. ...... anyway here is Kyungsoo for y'all
he makes the clothes look good...lol ugh sorry I can't but he does have an awesome voice I do smile when I see him but as a brother like look at him you are not worthy!!!
skills this boy got skills
and there's the boy face.... oh wait no he's a dude....
he loves you guys
there's my oraboni aha sorry I cant... lol well I hope you guys enjoyed little D.O ehe just ignore my comments lol ugh OMG guys you don't know how excited I am and seeing all the pics and videos from the Dallas concert!!! I can't wait!!! Doing the one guy that can't be here with us tomorrow Lay my main man aha


I might do 2 cards tomorrow because I leave Saturday or just schedule the Chen card we'll see anyway let me know if guys want be tagged for Lay oppa or Chen oppa or both ^^
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