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You know what band I really miss? Three words: My Chemical Romance Teenagers was the first song I heard from them and then I heard Welcome To The Black Parade ;-; and then I started listening to more of their songs and I fell in love with them! I really loved MCR and looked forward to new songs but then after the ten new songs they released in 2013 they just broke up ;-; It makes me sad that I will no longer hear music from them...but Gerard is still making music and he sounds really amazing by himself β™₯ but I still miss the whole band I never even got to see them in concert QAQ
But anyway, those who liked MCR along with me, which version did you like the best? :3
MCR 2004
MCR 2006
MCR 2010
MCR 2013
My favorite is '06 MCR β™₯β™‘ they were still so young and wild! Plus...
THE BEST songs of their time were in that album! Sorry that this is random af, I just wanted to share cuz I listened to Na Na Na recently and I miss it :(
I miss MCR as well my friend and I always cry when we hear a song by them
Oh my god I write about these guys all the time. LOVE MCR FOREVER
I miss them too. :'( I was devestated when they broke up... That aside, my favorite era swings between Revenge and Killjoys. I'm still pretty attached to my Killjoy name, to be honest. β™‘
I fell out of this genre of music a few years ago, but I would probably still listen to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I used to listen to it loud, in my car, when I was working for a delivery company. I'm Not Okay was one of my favorites.
Completely amazing musicians. I miss them a lot too
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