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Parts : all found on card one

WARNING : Mature, gang related content

*flashback *

The moment they walk into the room they're surrounded by an ominous feeling. There's a negative aura that makes them uncomfortable.

Himchan doesn't look up at them from the chair he's tied to, he just talks while looking at the floor. "Ah. You've finally come to grace me with your presence. I appreciate the hospitality, I mean this rope is smooth as silk and don't get me started on the chair. I'd rate it 5 stars any day."

Yongguk tries not to crack a smile at the old feeling of enduring Himchan’s commentary. "Good to see you're still as sarcastic as ever."

"Well of course, old habits die hard."

Sungmin doesn't know why Himchan’s behaving like he did so many years ago. Is he trying to play on their emotions to win them over and let him stay? This is a grave matter. He can't allow the mood to be lightened. "Anyway, Himchan. This is very serious. We never would have expected to see something like this happen; so we aren't entirely sure how to go about this."

"Of course. You never expected for it to happen. Why would you? You just stuck me with an "apprentice" that would wear me down until I couldn't take it and wanted to leave, right?"

They're stunned silent.

Himchan finally looks up. "Do you think I'm fucking stupid!"

They reflexively jump at his sudden outburst. The look in his eyes is something they've never seen. They're set ablaze with hatred.

"I swear to God! The physical pain I put Youngjae through is nothing compared to the mental torture that you mother-fuckers intentionally made me suffer!"

Sungmin finally manages to speak, "How did you know?"

Himchan scoffs. "I knew something was up the moment that boy didn't back down. When he lost consciousness and I had a moment to think, it hit me. He never would have done that without someone telling him to."

The way he's speaking is unlike him; not just the yelling, but he's never made it clear how much he noticed about Youngjae's personality.

"You two are twisted. You think I'm sick? You two are completely fucked in the head! Putting him up to that, using him as a tool for something you didn't have the balls to do! Putting him at risk of being killed by me!"

The two grown men are standing still, allowing a man they believe is unstable to chew them out. Simply because they know it's true and they can't deny it.

"If you thought I was mentally compromised, why the hell would you put him in there! You guys are the ones who need help!" He looks away and says in a normal speaking voice, "He's your god damn brother Sungmin. Have some sense. That is your blood. And you want to put him in danger? Fuck you. You don't deserve him for a brother. He's never been like that, it was all an act to fulfill your request. I only wish I'd have realized that before I laid into him so hard. He means well. He does what you want and tries to make you proud. And you turn around and use him to do your bidding. You're abusive too, not just me."

"Why are you lecturing me on how to treat my family! I work hard for him!"

"I'm lecturing you because you obviously need a lesson in common decency!"

"Common decency! From you! You were beating him constantly!"

Himchan lowers his voice even more than before, he's embarrassed to admit to having somewhat cared for the boy. "It was for his own good, I was trying to make him quit. He's weak and sensitive so I figured he'd give up eventually; but he kept it up and dealt with it to make you happy."

Stunned by Himchan’s sudden dose of humanity it takes him a moment to form a proper thought. "If you were so damn concerned, then why were you about to kill my brother before I stopped you?"

"I was doing him a favor."

"A favor? What the hell does that mean!"

"I was doing him a favor by freeing him from you."


HOLY SHIT!!!!! I was not expecting to see a nice side to her brother @MadAndre
@SusiBosshammer that's what I want to know! !!
If he has a caring side why isnt he helping his sister 😭😭😭
I'm speechless.....
Woah..... Shits gonna go down!😵😵😵
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