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hey guys! unfortunately my friend won't be able to make it to exo's concert in LA :( I'm selling her ticket (LGE row 9 seat 4) I got it for 175 but I'm willing to go as low as whatever. I might end up just giving it away since I know there's an EXO-L out there that really wants to go. message me if you are interested! :)
@stsmarlene hopefully they comeback soon and you guys will get to go!
@stsmarlene the struggle of living far
@stsmarlene I'm sorry! if only you lived closer! my friend was willing to go with me but she lives in washington and she won't make it in time cause of work :(
I could go, I'm free, there's nothing much for me to do, besides my school starts on Feb. 16 so yeah I could go ^^ sorry if your friend couldn't go, hope that someday that you all could go and see them β™‘β™‘
@Nadinerzz. I know it sucks me and my sister wanted to go :(
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