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More manga came!!Shikimaru's story!! 馃槏
Got some more manga in today. Especially excited for Shikamaru's Story!! Cannot wait to finish Kakashi's story soon and jump into Shikamaru's story!! Ahh love amazing manga. Also got a new one that will be completely new to me, Trinity Seven, I have yet to get into this one at all so I'm also super excited. All of this along with getting closer to completing my Naruto collection!! Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!!
these look awesome dude! I'm jelly
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Cannot wait to finish Kakashi's story and start Shikamaru's story NAKAMA!!
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Dam only if i had money for this too
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@sanRico watch out for my giveaways. I'm probably doing fairy girls, fairy tail "ice trail", Kakashi's story, or naruto: seventh hokage and the Scarlett spring next NAKAMA so watch out for my next giveaway and I'll also tag ya in it for a chance to win I wanna do one every month or so!!
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@LuffyNewman well do and thx
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