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This is a verse from the Bible that tells about the Nephilim or giants and how they came into existance. The sons of God lusted after the children of men and came into physical bodies and married them. The sons of God in this verse does not mean literal sons but is refering to the angels. But for ages it has just been assumed that sons of God meant angels for lack of a better explanation. But not many people have ever heard of and much less read The Book of Enoch. Enoch There is very little said about Enoch in the Bible. All it says about him is that he had children, one of which named a city after him. Then he walked with God and eventually God took him up into heaven. He never died. He is the only man who was said to have walked with God after the fall of man and the only one besides Elijah who never tasted death. This automatically leaves the reader wanting to know more about him. Why would God only mention him so breifly? It doesn't make sinse. He obviously was a very important man in biblical history. The Book of Enoch But then I learned about the book of Enoch. I have no idea why it wasnt included in the Bible. But i have read parts of it and it answers a lot of questions that the bible does not answer, including the reason that God told his people to go to war with the other people and kill every man, woman and child. These people that God wanted destroyed were the evil Nephilim, the offspring of the evil angels. And it fits with the Bible like a missing puzzle piece. How exiting is that?? I don't claim to have had any devine revelation that it is the word of God. But i havent found any reason to doubt that it is and in my honest openion, it is a perfect fit. So what did Enoch have to say about the giants and the evil angels who brought them into existance? Every one is dying to know! He told the evil angels that God was angry with them because they had done what is not appropriate for angels and because their offspring, the giants, had taught evil things to the people on earth so that they were even more evil than before. They brought all sorts of evil knowledge to man and then terrorized and even cannabalized them til man could no longer survive among them. God was very greived at all the trouble that they caused and was ready to pass down their punishment. The Petition for mercy So the evil angels wrote up a petition for mercy and forgivness and gave it to Enoch to read to God sense they could no longer go before God or even lift their eyes to heaven. But while Enoch was waiting for God, he fell asleep and God told him in a dream to go tell the angels that they will never be forgiven and they will never know peace. So they were shut up in a place where they can never do evil again, and that is where they will stay until the end of the world and then they will be cast into hell. What are demons? But wait a minute! How can that be? We have always heard that the fallen angels are the demons who roam the earth. But the Bible doesn't say that. The only fallen angel that the bible says still romes the earth is satan himself. So who are the evil spirits that Jesus cast out of people in the Bible? Enoch said that they are the evil spirits of the dead Nephilim, or giants who were the offspring of the evil angels. What an insight! The flood Not long after God passed his judgment on the evil angels, he spoke to Noah and told him to build an ark because he was going to wipe out mankind and start again. Sounds like a fairy tale? How can we believe all of this? Doesn't it all sound like something straight out of a fairy tale? Well we can and should believe by faith but if faith doesn't come that easy for you, let's have a look at the scientific, archeological, and yes, even common sense evidence. Are you ready for this? The Evidence Every single civilization ever known to man sense the begginning of time has had their own stories that are known as myths about Giants, gods mating with women, (specificlly greek mythology) and a great flood that destroyed everyone except a few who were left to repopulate the world. Also, there are written records of this and drawings carved in rock which all started coming up all around the same time in all different parts of the world. There is plenty of archeological evidence to support the fact that there was indeed a great flood. In fact, a good archeologist would have trouble doubting any of the stories in the bible, including the bible verses that say that men once lived more than 900 years. I couldn't find the picture of the skull with the uniquly large protruding brow line but i saw it on a youtube video. It is a scientific fact that the brow line of a human skull continues to grow ever so slightly throughout the course of their life. If a person lived hundreds and hundreds of years, their brow line would be much larger than that of any one of us who lives no more than approxamintly120 years at the most. A skull was found and was confirmed to be a human skull. The only unusual thing about it was the unusually large protruding brow line suggesting that that person lived much longer than anyone does today. I cant get the picture from the video right now because my data is running low. But i'll try to get it later. Here are the skulls and skeletens found of the Nephilim. Note that these are real archeological findings, as strange as it may seem.
(swipe left) As you see, these are some strange skulls. Not all of the Nephilim were much larger than a regular person. Some of them were no more than 8 ft. tall. But some of them had horns and some had one large eye and others had many eyes, and some just had extra long heads. And i know what you are thinking, Some of them look like aliens. Im going to make a seperate card for that. Check out these giant skeletens.
(swipe left) Some of the Nephilim were 35 ft. tall! Can you imagine something that big coming to eat you?! It is hard to believe that these are real, but there it is. Now, you will have nightmares for a week. Here is a very large human footprint left in a rock somewhere in Africa if i am not mistaken.
(Swipe left) So, there you have it. There is so much left to know. Please, do your own research on google and youtube if you are still interested. Also, if you read the Bible, you may also like to read the book of Enoch.