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There it stood. Blankly staring at her, not moving an inch.
Hana gulped, her cheeks burning bright red as she tried not to stare at him.
'For a cyborg, he's really handsome' she thought to herself as she looked him over. He did seem trustworthy. After all, her mother, soo young, didn't buy him from just anyone. Apparently, her uncle had created him, which is why her mother had trusted this cyborg so much.
Just a few moment ago when her mother had left, she saw him smile...but can robots smile like that?
-Flash back-
"I trust that you will take care of her?" soo young playfully raised an eyebrow at him and chuckled
He chuckled "Don't worry.." glancing over at hana, he smiled warmly "I will"
---end of flash back
Suddenly, her stomach grumbled. Hana blushed a dark red and looked away from him, wrapping her arms around her stomach.
"You should have told me that you were hungry, Hana" he chuckled and flashed a smile at her "Come on, let's go on into the kitchen"
Hana felt him wrap his arm delicately around her shoulder and guide her into the kitchen. The heat that radiated from his body almost had her sighing in delight, but she had stopped herself from doing so.
Hana never had a boyfriend, so this kind of physical contact was new to her.
Once they were in the kitchen, hana sat on the counter and swung her feet back and forth.
"You know, i can feel your heart beating all the way from over here" He chuckled with his head stuck in the refrigerator.
"I just...can you really blame me? I've only known you for 20 minutes" she mumbled and rubbed her arm nervously "I don't even know your na-"
"Mingyu" He replied with a smile, walking over to her and holding out his hand "Kim Mingyu, but that's not my real name" with a cautious glance, she reached out and slowly shook his hand before pulling away.
"Since i am a cyborg, the government has given me an ID number" He continued on with a hum, grabbing a few ingredients from the cabinets
"But your uncle didn't like the idea of that, so he gave me a name. I remember him taking quite some time, but eventually he came up with the name Min Gyu" he turned the faucet on and placed the pot under the water, filling it up half way before putting in on the stove and carefully turning on the gas.
"Kim, meaning gold and Min Gyu meaning 'gentle and affable' and 'stride of man'
"I see.." Hana furrowed her eyebrows and gulped
"Do you mind if i ask you a question?"
Mingyu paused and turned around "Ask away"
"I don't mean to be rude...but, how can you have feelings..or emotions for that matter?" Hana asked and tilted her head. She hoped that he wasn't offended by her question because she was truly curious.
"You do know that i still have a human brain right? Well..Half a human brain anyway. You uncle was able to save my life and connect half of my brain with a cyberbrain, wires an all. Cyborgs are not robots. We're still human because we still have some human parts within us"
"I feel extremely rude for asking, but what exactly happened? I mean with how my uncle saved your life and everything?" she questioned
"...I promise i'll explain what happened when the time is right" he replied, placing some noodles into the pot "The only thing you need to understand as of now is that i function just like any other human"
"Except, you're only half human" Hana finished his sentence.
"Exactly" Mingyu sighed and ran a hand through his hair "But i'm what they call a cybernetic organism. Half of my body consists of cyborg parts and the other half consists of human parts, but either way i'm immortal. If i were to be shot on the human part of my body, i wouldn't die. My cyborg parts connect to my organs and help me heal extremely quick"
Hana felt guilty. He acted like a human...but he wasn't fully a human like she knew he wanted to be
"Do you like Italian food?" he asked, interrupting her thoughts.
Hana nodded and smiled a little "Yeah..are you making pasta?" her eyes shined
"Mhm..i suppose by the look you're giving me, you're excited" Mingyu chuckled and hummed.
She nodded and watched him cut up the ingredients for the pasta sauce. Without a cook book or anything, she wondered if he was making it right.
"You know how to make the sauce..right?" she immediately regret asking him. With his hands so skillfully cutting up the tomatoes and onions, she should have known that he knew exactly how to make it.
"I have an antenna that automatically connects to the internet. Which means i can download any information whenever i need it" He replied and placed a medium sized pan on the stove, turning it on and adding the ingredients little by little.
"Since we have some time on our hands while your cooking this..could you maybe tell me more about how your body works as a cyborg?" Hana asked hesitantly and blushed. No matter how shy she was or how embarrassed she was by asking him, she wanted to know more about cyborgs.
The timer went off, signalling that the noodles were done.
Hana lent him a hand by draining the past for him, that way he wouldn't ruin the sauce "Thank you" he thanked her, mixing up the ingredients slowly. "Both your mother and uncle told me you would ask a question somewhat like that" he continued on
"What do you mean?" she tilted her head, her eyebrows furrowing at the sudden statement
"Someone told me that you want to build cyborgs, just like your uncle" Mingyu turned around to look at her, suddenly looking serious. "Don't"
Hana became angry. It's hard to make someone like hana angry, but when he had told her no, it made her angry.
"Why shouldn't i?" The stove was turned off now and mingyu stood in front of her, a dangerous look in his eyes
"You don't need to know..but just know this" Placing both of his hands on the counter on either side of her waist, he muttered "The government controls everything.." she gulped and kept her gaze on him
"And when i say everything...i mean everything" he muttered "I can tell you're angry with me. You're heating up and i can see that angry look you're giving me, but please understand i'm just trying to protect you"
Hana didn't understand what the cyborg meant by protecting her, but what she did understand was that the government does control various things within the city itself and some cities around it.
"I know the government is controlling..but are they really that bad?" she questioned, sighing.
"Yes...if you don't believe me, ask your uncle where the tracking device is and why i have a scar on my wrist" he held out his wrist and she saw it. There was in fact a small scar on his wrist in the form of a line.
"Come on, i don't want you to have to worry about things like this any longer" The cyborg muttered and stalked over to one of the medium sized cabinets, carefully taking out two plates.
Hana grumbled, feeling a bit frustrated. It's not like she can pick a new career right off of the bat. Life is not that easy, oh but how hana wished it was.
Mingyu had placed two plates of spaghetti on the counter in front of hana, handing her a fork and a spoon. Hana looked at her plate, her stomach grumbling at the sight of the delicious food.
"Eat" he told her as he sat down next to her, beginning to eat the food off of his plate quietly. With the tone of voice he used, she knew he was upset about something.
Hana bit her lip and played with her food, feeling guilty. Did she say something that made him angry?
"I'm fine. Stop worrying and eat your food" he told her gently, letting her know that he was in no way mad at her.
She simply nodded and began to eat like he told her to.
Hana was washing the dishes quietly, listening to mingyu talk on the phone in the room next to her.
"I Can't just leave her here, sir. With all due respect, My software update can wait a few more days" he sighed "And if your sister finds out that i left her daughter in the house alone, she'll rip my arm off, wires and all. Then she'll kill you when she figures out that you told me to leave"
"I could bring her along with me- but i don't want to expose her to things she shouldn't see"
When hana heard him mention her name, she finished the dishes and put them all away quickly before placing her ear on the door that lead into the living room. Of course she knew it was wrong of her to spy in on his conversation, but she couldn't really help herself after she heard him mention about taking her somewhere.
"..." It was silent after that. Which probably wasn't a good sign for hana.
Mingyu quietly finished his conversation and slowly walked towards the door. He thought it was cute how she thought he wouldn't hear her from where he was standing, but oh he could. His hearing is better than the average human, he can hear even the quietest movements of a persons footsteps.
The retina display in his right eye turned red, meaning that there was movement behind the door.
Hana was about to back away from the door, but before she could even ,move, mingyu stormed in and caught her by the waist.
"You know, you really shouldn't spy on others if you're going to make it so obvious" his now silver eyes stared into her brown ones. Hana felt her heart jump in her chest, he had scared the living day lights out of her. How could he have heard her in the first place?
"But i didn't even make a lot of noise-"
"I could hear you and literally feel you listening to me speak on the phone" Mingyu mumbled, raising an eyebrow. He could feel the wires in his arms heat up, which was odd. This had never happened to him before, so maybe he did need his software updated after all.
"I'm's just mentioned my name and i became curious.." Hana murmured, avoiding his eyes. There was no avoiding the situation now, she had been caught red handed.
"You need to take a breather" Mingyu chuckled and stood up, placing a hand on her head "Your heart rate is going up, i don't think your mother would appreciate it if i was the reason you had a heart attack"
"yeah.." she trailed off, biting her lip.
Suddenly, he grabbed her hand "Let's go then, shall we?"
"Wait, so i'm actually coming with you? where?" Hana questioned.
"To see your uncle, I decided that maybe you coming with me wouldn't be such a bad idea after all" he guided her out the door, locking it behind him.
Hana suddenly became really excited, visiting her uncle AND watching him work on a cyborg at the same time? Oh what a lucky day she was having.
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