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"Beloved" because they aren't my Bias group, they are my heart. You can like music, dancing, etc but then there is a group that touches you and this is them. My niece found them and introduced my daughter to them, she to me. They are my daughter's beloved group (she calls them her babies) also. Trust me when I say we WILL go all vicious mama bear on anyone that says ANYTHING bad about these guys or the group as a whole.
The talent in this group of guys is enormous. All of them write songs for their albums, collaborate together, play musical instruments, and act. The fact that they can be silly for younger fans endears them to me. Older fans get to enjoy their stunning looks and their beautiful harmonizing.
Eunkwang - Leader & Main Vocals
Minhyuk - Sub Vocals, Rapper (Mom of group)
Ilhoon - Rapper
Changsub - Vocals
Peniel - Rapper
Hyunsik - Vocals
Sungjae - Vocals
Some Netizen article listed Minhyuk and Ilhoon as 2 of the ugliest idols in South Korea. *cough*cough* grrrrr... In which universe are these two men not adorable and damn hot?!?!
BTOB fans are known as Melodies. Each year each member does an I will be your Melody for the fans. The one I posted of Hyunsik is actually the song that won me over to KPOP. Knowing how picky I am with any vocalist she played his cover of Moondance for me. Yeah well, it's all his fault.
Seeing as they are my beloved group, I could go on and on and on about them. I'll be good and just post two of my favorite videos. Enjoy.
people often tell me that i act a lot like changsub and i take that as a compliment hahahahha
they are seriously some of the sweetest guys in kpop they are really wonderful people and i LOVE them!
Your welcome! I love my Ilhoon so much!!