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I never thought that I would've enjoyed a mash-up between Mario Kart and Star Wars but OH MY GOD this is amazing. I can't believe Dark Pixel was able to put these two properties together and not make it seem like one side is getting the shorter end of the stick.
Now, when it first started, I thought it would've just been a re-imagining of Rainbow Road. But instead it's a Mario Kart race that takes place throughout most of the Star Wars Galaxy. Which I didn't think was possible. The amount of work that was put into this short video is amazing to me. I can't believe it.
The way Dark Pixel uses sound is this video is something that still amazes me. One of the things that wrapped me up in the video aside from the visuals was the sound design. There are a bunch of sound effects from both the Mario-verse and the Star Wars universe and the way they're implemented was the thing that completely put me in the video.
Even when they would shoot the little turtle shells at each other and use the Star Wars fighter blaster sounds would make me smile in a very particular way. You know the way, when you have a dumb smile on your face and you're afraid that everyone will start staring at you over the cubicle walls. It's like a weird childish feeling that I usually never get when I watch stuff. And I'm glad that Dark Pixel gave me happiness, even if it was for a second.
What do you guys think?
Awesomeness! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this!
though I will say I think it should have been the pod racers lol
omg that's amazing
damn, that was really good.
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