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This year, mix it up just a bit when deciding on the perfect Valentine's Day bouquet to get her!
Sure, red roses are virtually a must, but it's also something of beauty when red roses are paired with other florals to give it a unique look that is stunning without looking like all the other dozen roses arranged around the office.
For this bouquet the headliner, of course, is the red rose. But it's also set amongst red ranunculus and hellebores.
Work with your florist to get the perfect looking bouquet that will touch her heart!
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@marshalledgar Just wish the girl luck...she doesn't need pressure, she will tell us when she's ready
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If it's V-Day, then the rose should be the Explore Rose. I wrote about it here. On any other day of the year, however, I would like Sahara as my go-to rose, which is very similar to the Cappuccino, which I talk about here
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar obviously I haven't stalked you in enough depth
2 years ago·Reply
hahahahaha Oh...that breaks my heart. You've wounded me bud. :/
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ooooo I like this, it's kinda rustic!
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