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I started working at a casino/liquor recently that use to be a younger adult bar. They left the drink recipe list, which is good for me because I know nothing about alcohol. so, I started reading through all these drinks and some of them just had the most ridiculous names, and others described what it might taste like. After some time, I got to thinking, what about drinks named after anime characters!!!!
obviously, something like this we would name after Natsu. Call it a Dragneel or something like that.
Something really red could be an Alucard.
To add an extra challenge, make each drink in mind with their ship, so that you could simply mix the two drinks together and still have a tasty drink!
I dig it. A 'Cana' would just be all of the booze.
Right!?! and add liquid ice to a drink for grey. IDK what I'd do for Kakashi except use a pair of cherries πŸ’ for the bells. Sakura's, I'd use pink lemonade, with a πŸ‘Š lol get it? cause she has super strength.
April is too far away I can't wait till I'm of age 😭😭😭